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Andrasti ([personal profile] tidesofmyblood) wrote2013-06-17 06:40 pm
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Friends Only

I'm open to adds, with a few simple caveats:

You'll need to be completely open and accepting of non-humans in human bodies, subjective histories, and multiplicity. I'm too old and set in my ways to argue my own existence!

Be prepared for the fact that I do talk about my loves (one of them in particular) rather a lot, though I always make use of the cut tag.

Be aware that I am very blunt and ranty at times. I won't be so on your journal, you understand, but just so you know I was born without the tact and empathy genes and boy does it show at times.

Comment sometimes. You don't have to comment to every entry, heck you don't even have to comment every month, just here and there to let me know you're doing a bit more than lurking.

Last but by no means least, keep everything I post here private please.

If the above is fine with you, you're welcome to join me. Once you're added I have a sticky post with some more informaiton.